Overview: The modern world is competitive, chaotic, and ever-changing. Meditation offers a path of inner change, where we gain self-wisdom, kindness, and compassion that not improves only our own quality of life, but the world. The objective of this assignment was to create a name for a global line of meditation and lifestyle products designed to promote inner harmony and stillness.

Challenge: The challenge was in crafting a name that brought to life the idea of a “silent revolution” – the ability to go deep into your own mind. We also wanted the name to communicate a sense of place in that the products could travel with you as your home for presence and active silence.

Solution: Stillnest is a fusion of ‘still’ – a state of meditation – and ‘nest,’ a warm, nurturing, place to make home. Stillnest brings to life the idea that it is safe to sit in silence and go deep within. It is in this stillness where true change begins. Being a better, more compassionate person to yourself is the first step to changing the world.


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