Seniorly, a fast-growing Bay Area senior community finder, enlisted Wonsupona for support on several initiatives, including naming and brand storytelling.

Naming: From Seniorly to Forth
The challenge was in creating a name that was modern and fresh while telling a new story of the importance of finding the senior care facilities for loved ones. Forth was inspired by the new reality that seniors are living longer and can spend up to 1/4 of their lives in a senior housing facility. Forth, a unique spelling of fourth, is modern, future-forward and action-focused, speaking to helping and empowering the journey onward.

Brand Narrative: Senior Living Evolved

To bring Forth to life content-wise, we interviewed the key stakeholder team, performed industry and competitor research, and held a workshop to better understand the brand’s primary goals and personality. After presenting the leadership team with three unique brand narrative directions, “Senior Living Evolved” was selected as the finalist to tell the brand’s story about moving the industry forward, onward and “forth”, fundamentally transforming how people find senior housing. The end deliverable was a guidelines document that included new vision and mission statements, primary brand messages, brand stories of various lengths, voice and tone guidelines, brand differentiators, and more.