Overview: We were tasked to craft a name for a new line of Nooptropics (supplements designed to improve cognitive function). The supplements use overlooked, underrated, and/or exotic ingredients that have substantial scientific data to support efficacy & safety. Unlike anything else on the market, these ingredients are proven to provide results in minutes rather than weeks.

Challenge: The client wanted a name that conveyed that the brand’s products produce results beyond improving brain and body – attributes like success, fearless ambition, and relentless drive.  They were looking for an intelligently simple, modern name that spoke to science in a relatable human way.

Solution: While many names were shortlisted, Notable was selected as the brand winner for several reasons. Defined as “prominent, important, or distinguished” the name stands for a specific type of individual who dares to be extraordinary in some capacity; who wants to accomplish something of value. The name fulfills a deep psychologic need intrinsic to all humans – the need to be recognized; to achieve something of importance.