Overview: Feetz is a startup crafting the shoes of tomorrow: comfortable and stylish – perfect for getting in your 10,000 steps a day – but most importantly, made in carbon-neutral facilities using zero-waste methods. The current name didn’t communicate the strong brand values upheld by the company, “Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.” nor highlight that the shoes, custom-made with 3D imaging, enables you to live in a world without limitation – where you can go anywhere you want without your back aching from a less-than-perfect fit.

Challenge: The challenge was crafting a name that enabled the brand to tell a story of inspired movement: of a brand that aims to be different than anything else on the market; a brand that leads with its vision and values.

Solution: The name GoodStanding was the obvious winner. It suggests a trustworthy company of strong moral character (brought to life via sustainable eco-friendly manufacturing) and highlights comfort using a play on words. While the name at first may sound stationary (with “stand”), GoodStanding actually is dynamic and represents forward movement and action to take a stand – a stand for fashion, for comfort, and for the environment.