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Fleeting is a mission-led startup that connects drivers to opportunities across trucking. But more than that, Fleeting aims to change the trucking industry by empowering truckers with the opportunities they need to thrive and transition into business owners.

Fleeting enlisted Wonsupona to help articulate their brand story and key messages. After performing desk research, interviewing key stakeholders and completing a messaging audit of competitors, we held a worksession to identify the primary brand messages and voice and tone attributes. We then presented three unique brand narratives (the shortest distillation of your brand story – like “Think Different”). Fleeting selected “Face Forward” as their new narrative, which represented the idea that Fleeting was putting humanity back into trucking by helping truckers succeed, and becoming thereby becoming the new face of trucking.

This idea was then rolled out into their brand story, key messages, and a pitch deck.