Overview: LexisNexis approached Wonsupona to create a name for a revolutionary new product in their Litigation Analytics Suite: an analytics tool focused on exploring the language of litigation documents to get at the substance of law. In short, the product uses A.I. technologies and advanced machine learning to identify the language judges cite most, enabling attorneys to argue their case more persuasively.

Challenge: There were several challenges. The name had to work in harmony with the rest of the products in the Litigation Analytics suite – including Lex Machina, Ravel Law and Intelligize – and couldn’t compete or overpower any of the other hundreds of product names in the LexisNexis universe. The name also had to communicate the analytics category (litigation) in an innovative light, showcasing the benefit of the product while keeping an edge.

Solution: A variety of names ranging from inventive and creative to outcome-based and descriptive were presented, with Context ultimately being deemed the winner. Context communicates the idea of words and influence, enabling LexisNexis to tell a powerful story of the ability to persuade judges by using the language they want to hear. Additionally, the specificity of the word Context (which zeroes in on text, speech, and language) enables LexisNexis to own an entire category without confusion on meaning – something important to consider as their analytics suite grows.

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