Differentiate Your Fund

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Invest in the most important brand. (Your own.)

“When building the company, we prioritized branding and designing our first collection above everything else. We spent six months crafting our brand architecture in hopes of creating a brand that could one day transform an industry while resonating with customers.”

– Warby Parker founder Neil Blumenthal

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Differentiate your VC by offering strategic brand storytelling services.

Along with a great technology or product, branding remains crucial to the success of any startup. Building brands early requires thoughtful attention to strategic differentiation and powerful storytelling (which we’re pretty good at.) Partnering with Wonsupona empowers you to offer entrepreneurs a superior VC product. We understand entrepreneurs because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and work with them side-by-side to tell their brand’s story.


VC Services:

-Messaging competitor audits that inspire recommendations for differentiation

-Hands-on development of strategic brand story

-Development of key messages and voice and tone guidelines

-Design that integrates seamlessly with the story we’re telling to intensify impact


Contact Molly Davis at mdavis@wonsupona.com to learn more.