Startup Consulting - Strategic Naming & Storytelling Agency
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Startup Consulting

Business Strategy Consulting



The numbers don’t lie: less than 25% of venture-backed startups succeed. So what’s the secret? Successful startups have a deep understanding of their value and communicate that value to audiences in a unique way. They are prepared for action and disruption and make the right decisions at the right time. Wonsupona’s startup consulting services arm you with the fundamental tools to stand out from the crowd and build a powerful, successful brand.

How do I know if this is right for my startup?

  • You don’t have a clear prediction of the financial outcome of your organization’s results or understand your day-to-day costs.
  • You don’t know how to differentiate from competitors or how to capitalize on your startup’s strengths.
  • You need help crafting a strong pitch deck and gaining an outside-in perspective.
  • You need a tailored action plan to propel your organization forward.
Jason Lind, MBA, CFA

Throughout his entire career journey, Jason has been solving the puzzle of what makes investors tick. He holds an MBA from Duke but his education started years ago while researching equities across a variety of industries. As a pattern seeker, Jason believes many future themes have already occurred and seeks these out to his advantage.


With a strong research background, Jason’s edge is in his ability to understand the “how”: how investors will react to specific outcomes, and how these outcomes will shape the market. He gained this ability by meticulously analyzing past decisions made by investors and his own investments.


He presently works as a research analyst at Thornburg Investments in Santa Fe, NM. Prior to this, Jason held positions across the entire capital structure, working at two hedge funds in San Francisco, as a credit associate intern at Vanguard and as an associate at Union Grove Venture Partners in Durham, NC.

Consulting Services with Jason
  • Financial Projection & Analysis
    Includes assistance with product pricing and cost analysis, sales and margin projections. The emphasis is on how to attain long-term sustainable margins.
  • Competitive Analysis & General Business Strategy
    Analysis of the competitive landscape including strengths and weaknesses, as well as a strategy outline on how to take advantage of these weaknesses.
  • Venture Capital Pitch Review
    Whether for angel, seed, or Series A rounds, we will review your pitch and help prepare you for questions through mock investment pitches.
Contact Us

Email us at or call 404-713-5402 to learn more.