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Overview: UK-based Higher Steaks was on a mission to make cultured “lab-grown” meat a reality in kitchens and restaurants around the globe. Despite this mission, the name “Higher Steaks” gave an inaccurate impression to the public, as the company’s primary emphasis lay in the $250 billion global pork market.

Challenge:  The challenge of this project was creating a name that was differentiated from any of the other vegetarian or lab-grown meats (like Impossible, Finless Foods, Just, or Mission Barns), and that enabled the team to tell a unique story.

Solution: After playing with a slew of naming finalists, “Uncommon” was selected as the winner to describe the brand ethos, enabling the team to tell a story of uncommon science for the common good. Since rebranding with the new name, Uncommon landed $30M in funding. Read the article on TechCruch here.

View the website at: https://uncommonbio.co/

Cultivated Meat