Overview: WorkTurbo, a property management software startup looking to revolutionize real estate communication, came to Wonsupona with a problem: their name communicated working fast – but that message wasn’t resonating with audiences. They needed a name that hinted at the idea of real estate communication but suggested working more intelligently – and better – instead of just faster.
Challenge: The challenges included using a name that was a real word (nothing made up or silly); making sure the word was ownable (hard to do in such a crowded space); and exciting the internal team – a creative and energized group of professionals ready to see this startup succeed.
Solution: We presented the team with several options, ranging from real estate-focused to communication-focused. The WorkTurbo team was thrilled with the naming results and selected several to pursue. Aptly was finally selected because of it’s meaning – uncommon intelligence – as well as hinting to apartments (property managers are the main audience). More, the name empowered them to tell a powerful brand story: Aptly is where property communication lives.


August 28, 2017


Property Management Software