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Overview: Swimwear - especially well-made bikinis - can be expensive. We were approached by a startup with a vision to disrupt the industry with high quality, affordable swimsuits made in incredible colors and fabrics. The swimsuits are made to have an extraordinary, custom-fit. Challenge: The challenge was


Overview: Unotifi is an automotive marketing company that provides retention and loyalty solutions for automotive dealers. While it is most advanced customer retention and mobile relationship management service for the automotive industry, the name is hard to pronounce, had low brand awareness and communicated a product


Overview: Wonsupona was tasked to name a line for a new type of herbal candy - reminiscent of a cough drop but formulated with a proprietary mixture of herbs to uplift you when life you gets you down. Challenge: The world of confectionary brands is incredibly competitive. Because this


Overview: Feetz is a startup crafting the shoes of tomorrow: comfortable and stylish - perfect for getting in your 10,000 steps a day - but most importantly, made in carbon-neutral facilities using zero-waste methods. The current name didn't communicate the strong brand values upheld by the


Overview: LexisNexis approached Wonsupona to create a name for a revolutionary new product in their Litigation Analytics Suite: an analytics tool focused on exploring the language of litigation documents to get at the substance of law. In short, the product uses A.I. technologies and advanced machine

nFluence Partners

Overview: Wonsupona was approached to develop a name for a new type of investment bank - one centered on helping socially- and environmentally- conscious businesses prosper. Challenge: The main challenge was in crafting a name that differentiated the bank and was actually available: one can't begin to


Overview: Ridgeview Home Clean Out & Moving Company was on the hunt for a new name that stood out from competitors. The name "Ridgeview" was common for the area, and did nothing to differentiate the company or create brand loyalty. Challenge: The challenge was in developing a

Doll on the Wall

Overview: Halloween is a time of scary pranks and ghostly gags. This ghoulish new doll - which hangs to the wall with a magnetic device and can be moved around rooms to scare unsuspecting souls - needed a name. Challenge: The challenge was in developing a clever, memorable


Overview: Expedia's travel newsletter Travel-Ticker needed a new name to stand out in the sea of travel websites by appealing to experience seekers who enrich their lives through spontaneous travel. Challenge: The challenge was in creating a name that communicated their brand core, "Travel on a whim" and