Client: CleanSlate (formerly Ridgeview Home Cleaning)
Work Completed: Naming

Ridgeview Home Clean Out was on the hunt for a new name that stood out from competitors and communicated their essence. The name “Ridgeview” was common for the New Jersey Ridgeview area where they are based and did nothing to differentiate the company or create brand loyalty.

From the beginning, we were inspired by the client’s desire to communicate the idea of a “complete” service. Ridgeview isn’t simply a cleaning company, but a company that empowers families with help with spaces after a loss of a loved one – providing clean out services, arranging donations and selling furniture, facilitating estate sales and donating items that don’t sell.

Many of Ridgeview’s clients have been in their homes for over 40+ years, and have acquired a lot of items. After key stakeholder interviews and a short virtual naming worksession, we brainstormed hundreds of names. After presenting a distilled list to our client, they were immediately drawn to the name CleanSlate as it represents a fresh start to life and the home, as well as describes what the company does.

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