Client Update: NEXTracker
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Client: NEXTracker
Work Completed: Product naming, naming architecture, voice and tone development, brand messaging guidelines

What’s in a name? San Francisco solar leader NEXTracker enlisted Wonsupona to develop two new powerful names as well as messaging guidelines to represent the future of their brand.

Solar tracker leader NEXTracker challenged Wonsupona with two naming projects:

  • Name an incredible new product bundle that can build the most advanced solar power plant on the planet; and
  • Rename NEXTracker’s existing Self Powered Tracker, the most advanced single-axis horizontal tracker on the market.

After a deep dive analysis and interviews with key stakeholders, we developed naming “buckets” to highlight the differentiating features of each product. A naming strategy was developed to ensure that the new names (and all future names) would fit strategically into the existing product family.

Two names were selected: NX Fusion (for the new product bundle) and NX Horizon (for the existing Self Powered Tracker). The point where the earth meets the sky, NX Horizon brings to mind possibilities of things to come, and conjures quality, precision, and elegance. NX Fusion tells the story of the integration of the different elements (tracker, PV module and inverter) fused into one product bundle of value.

The names are linked with an “NX” naming convention, created to showcase the relationship between the product and NEXTracker, as well as the product family.

Voice and tone messaging guidelines were created as well, empowering the NEXTracker team with powerful new messages and guidelines to write consistently across all platforms.