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Names are stories distilled to one word. Wonsupona follows a strategic methodology to make that story incredible.
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Stories Distilled to One Word



Names are stories distilled to one word. They speak novels about what your brand values and represents. Over the years, Wonsupona has developed a strong naming methodology that ensures creative differentiation and success. Aside from being linguistically sound and ownable, we believe powerful names support the brand promise, create chemistry, and are unexpectedly fresh.

Additional naming clients include Adobe, BCBS of California, Capital Spirits, Elekta*, Microsoft, MyFitnessPal*, PCH Accelerator*, SuperD Technologies*, along with many other startups and entrepreneurs. Client confidentially prevents us from showcasing select names that have been created.

* denotes clients Molly Davis Lind worked with while at MetaDesign. 

Overview: When eSports live streaming leaders Hitbox and Azubu merged to create a strong #2 competitor Twitch, a new name was needed.
Challenge: The challenge was in creating a name that communicated energy, movement, and excitement around the site’s content. Another challenge was time – a new name had to be created (and vetted) within days.
Solution: We collaborated daily with the Azubu/Hitbox team in creating the name Smashcast – a name that pushes the boundaries of live streaming and evokes a sense of thrill. The new name enables the brand to tell a story of generating smash hits with content, whether it’s via Smashcast’s new production studio or platform tools that help identify quality streams of broadcasters.

Read an interview with Smashcast’s CEO on the new brand

Overview: WorkTurbo, a property management software startup looking to revolutionize real estate communication, came to Wonsupona with a problem: their name communicated working fast – but that message wasn’t resonating with audiences. They needed a name that hinted at the idea of real estate communication but suggested working more intelligently – and better – instead of just faster.
Challenge: The challenges included using a name that was a real word (nothing made up or silly); making sure the word was ownable (hard to do in such a crowded space); and exciting the internal team – a creative and energized group of professionals ready to see this startup succeed.
Solution: We presented the team with several options, ranging from real estate-focused to communication-focused. The WorkTurbo team was thrilled with the naming results and selected several to pursue. Aptly was finally selected because of it’s meaning – uncommon intelligence – as well as hinting to apartments (property managers are the main audience). More, the name empowered them to tell a powerful brand story: Aptly is where property communication lives.

True Capture

Overview: Many people are unaware that all power plant sites experience shading, which minimizes solar production. Global solar tracker leader NEXTracker innovated a yield enhancement software system to maximize solar production, providing real-time power plant profit gain.
Challenge: The challenge was in creating a name that was descriptive, powerful and optimistic without competing with the NEXTracker brand name. The name would have to work synonymously with all of the trackers sold by NEXTracker.
Solution: TrueCapture tells the story of how this technology can capture more of the sun – highlighting ROI. It’s realistic, direct and strong without overpromising delivery. The new name has already received rave reviews among leadership and customers.

Watch the video release on YouTube

Overview: Online hosting guru Dreamhost needed a name for a new company that would provide enterprise-level services and support for Ceph, an open source distributed storage system.
Challenge: There were many challenges in developing a new name. It had to connect with Ceph (short for cephalopod, a squid/sea creature the Dreamhost team was fond of), as well as convey the idea of storage. It also had to be clever enough to represent the quirky nature of the staff, but sophisticated enough to showcase expertise and innovation – a name that would pique the interest of NASA.
Solution: Inktank is successful on many levels. ‘Ink’ refers to the ink of a squid (the most popular cephalopod) and ‘tank’ implies storage. Inktank is reminiscent of ‘think tank’, which connotes strategy, intelligence, and solutions to complex problems. The name was an immediate hit, and the company was subsequently acquired by RedHat for $175 million.

Overview: A division of Expedia, online travel discounter Travel Ticker was looking to expand their company, positioned around the brand core, ‘Travel on a whim.’
Challenge: While Travel Ticker owned their name in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Travel-Ticker www.travel-ticker.com (with a hyphen) was the only domain they could secure, and SEO suffered.
Solution: We found the fiasco with the ‘dash’ interesting. We decided to put the hyphen problem front and center – adding ‘dash’ to the same. Not only did it provide an opportunity to tell a story, it represented the core brand idea and audience Expedia was trying to reach – travelers looking to “dash” and book last-minute travel. The name received rave reviews amongst Expedia leadership.

Overview: A hot new San Francisco startup needed a name for an app that alerts clothes lovers when items they want go on sale.
Challenge: The challenge was in creating a name that adequately describes the product differentiator and convey the idea that waiting “pays” in the end.
Solution: Paytiently was a great solution on multiple levels: it’s longer than other app names, making it more memorable and demonstrating the thinking behind the service patience pays. It also paints a picture of what the app is all about (waiting for a good ‘pay’ deal). And like all of our names, it was absolutely unique – free of trademarks.

Overview: Julie Orr Design, a landscape design firm, was looking to rebrand with a new name and look.
Challenge: The challenge was in creating a name that spoke to the company differentiator: landscape design centered on telling a client’s personal story.
Solution: While many names were favored, IdeaSeed was selected because it articulated the background of the company in a creative light. The client’s personal narrative are used as the ‘idea’ for the landscape, and the ‘seed’ brings the designs to life.

Overview: Insurance Global Operations needed a short name that communicated that their offer was fundamentally different.
Challenge: The challenge was in creating a name that represented the company’s playful culture, while at the same representing industry disruption.
Solution: Inspired by the quote, “When everyone else zigs, zag”, the word is playful, unique and suggests the company doesn’t follow the crowd. It was selected to represent a philosophy of life, and a new approach to business. Most importantly to the client, the name contains only four letters (as opposed to 25), and lends itself well to a playful design system.

NX Fusion

Overview: NEXTracker was looking to name their latest innovation: a one-stop-shop product bundle that includes best-in-class technologies to deliver a seamless customer experience.
Challenge: The challenge was in creating a powerful name that represented the core of the product, while at the same time showcase a direct relationship to NEXTracker.
Solution: Fusion speaks to the integration of different elements (tracker, PV module and inverter) fused into one bundle. Fusion represents the product’s harmony and simplicity, yet is masculine and powerful, signaling thoughtful intention. “NX” was added as an homage to NEXTracker, and will be a constant in all NEXTrackers products, linking the product family to each other as well as to the parent brand.  Read the press release announcing the new name

NX Horizon

Overview: NEXTracker’s most popular product, the Self Powered Tracker, was too functional and not differentiating. In fact, many of the company’s competitors referred to their own products by the same name. Wonsupona was engaged to create a new name for this important product.
Challenge: The challenge was in developing a name that communicated a unique story and fits well within the expanding NEXTracker product portfolio.
Solution: The name Horizon conjures possibilities of things to come. The point where the earth meets the sky, Horizon is sophisticated, simple and smart, and easily enables NEXTracker to communicate a story of quality, precision, and elegance. The name speaks to the product differentiator: a panel that literally follows the sun along the horizon. “NX” was added as an homage to NEXTracker, and will be a constant in all NEXTrackers products, linking the product family to each other as well as to the parent brand.